One night in 1939, Carlo, Claudio and friends are arrested in a bar in Catania, Sicily. They have not committed a crime, but that is not required. This is fascist Italy and they have been deemed ‘degenerate’.

Sentenced to ‘confino’ (internal exile), they arrive at the Tremiti, a tiny archipelago in the Adriatic, which contains two of Italy’s many ‘prison islands’: San Nicola, fortress-rock full of dangerous left-wing political prisoners and San Domino, for the first time in Italian history - because of the large numbers arrested in Catania - a prison solely for gay men.

For all the indignity and squalor of prison life, Carlo, Claudio and friends no longer have to hide who they are. If there is a new strange kind of freedom on this prison island, all still have their demons to face. Betrayal, guilt, shame and the strictures of Society, Church and State, stand between them and a new way to love And meanwhile in the background war is looming.


Tristan Bates Theatre - London (June 2018);

Arcola Theatre - London (August 2014);

Courtyard Theatre - London (May 2014)