TKD Productions was founded in 2013 by Tim Anfilogoff and Alan Whittaker. 
Over the past 10 years Tim (mostly book & lyrics) & Alan (mostly music) have been writing musical theatre together and have co-produced a number of shows in London & Edinburgh.

Their productions include San Domino (Arcola Theatre & Tristan Bates Theatre) : A Body to Diet For (Edinburgh Fringe) and The Golden Age (Etcetera Theatre) Tim has also written several plays including The Meaning of Lunch (BBC), The Other Island (Etcetera Theatre), The Bench (INK Festival.) Alan is a composer and music producer working with various international artists under the band names Time Waves and AcousticAl

Their current production 'BED' is their first sung through musical and sees the return of the writers collaboration with Director Matthew Gould and Musical Director James Cleeve whom they worked with on their last critically acclaimed production 'San Domino.' BED previewed at the Brighton Fringe in June 2023 followed by the world premiere at  Edinburgh Fringe 2-28 August 2023.